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  1. Not 100% sure but GPR might still be looking for a friendly if your interested Smithy.
  2. Hahahahahahaha you beat me to it, wee pal. One minute it’s positive thoughts now it’s better weather. The sooner he gets it through his head there will be no mini tournament until there’s... A. A reduction in hospitalisations and deaths B. Infection rates which don’t threaten the NHS C. Risks don’t change due to ‘variants of concern’ D. Continued vaccine roll out success ...the better.
  3. Read what I actually write, I told you I would as soon as you clear up the lie you invented about my wee pal. Hopefully you’ll do that sooner than the 15 weeks we’ve waited on football returning.
  4. Anyone care to interpret this pile o #%^*
  5. Yeah sure, because that’s something worth wasting my time lying about.
  6. I will just as soon as you have found what you allege Go Daddy joked about. While you’re at it remind us who made this claim.
  7. Oh dear, that little chestnut again. Never ceases to amaze me when discussing with people like you how selective ones memory can be. That’s why I screenshot the majority of conversations on here. It comes in handy at a later date when dealing with a lying bassa. What Go Daddy posted on the 22nd December at around 1-40pm ...and the edited version.
  8. I saw what was posted. Its now been convienantly edited.
  9. So why say it? We all seen it, fact you’re denying it now because you’ve likely edited it speaks volumes of your character
  10. Wishing Pete dead isn’t respectful either.
  11. I’d say you’re the one who’s feelings are all upset. Not much hope for you now if you can’t take back what you dished out I’m afraid.
  12. You’re anything but respectful Mr ...The boy wrote a few verses that ended with the word f@nny. It’s not an acceptable word on the forum and gets replaced with “sex God” so he edited it . I seen it immediately but after some time you yes you lied and claimed it had been edited for another reason to suit your agenda. You then called him a cock and a bellend.
  13. Yip 14 weeks ago he said soon, earlier in the week it was April and now June/July August, can you not just put him out his misery?
  14. Psssssst....your Daddy issues are showing
  15. Simple answer: Scotland’s player of the year James Tavernier steps up and nets the lot of them like he usually does. Seriously though another story with arms and legs added, The club are currently investigating the matter and only 2 players have been named not 5. Don’t see the outcome having any real effect on lower league football.
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