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  1. Glens 2 Luncarty 2 First visit to Warout this calendar year, an opportunity to reassess my own opinion of the current management pairings ability to take the club forward as they were up against the Bleachers who themselves are in a relegation battle. After back to back hammerings from bottom half clubs Penicuik (5-1) and Haddington (7-0) one half of the deluded duo was in the press this week with the usual excuses that A. they’d players missing due to injury, B. the ref was poor and C. get this, it was windy Granted they were missing 2 or 3 regulars against Haddington at the weekend (a sign of things to come next season without Cargy ) but the previous game against the Cookie who are only one placing above in the league table they were almost at full strength. Obviously being reduced to 10 boys in the Haddington game was a big factor in that match but the co managers assessment that Smarty “ kind of got caught underneath the ball, it bounced awkwardly and he kind of pushed his arm out” kind of tells me exactly what happened and the red card was kind of warranted. As for the “blowing a gale” excuse, I’ll treat that one with the contempt it deserves. Back to last nights match and Martins claim that “It's the biggest game of the season so far…..In my eyes it’s a must win game. We’ve got six games left and I’m looking to take nine points as I think that will keep us in the league." I disagree it was a must win game having scoured over the remaining fixtures but was certainly one they couldn’t afford to lose. He’ll now be looking to take six points from the fixtures against Crossgates and Inverkeithing For me that point earned last night with a late equaliser after a poor showing from both sides will kind of be enough to see them remain in this league. The big question is, are the chairman and his commitee happy for more of the same next season or do they harbour any ambition to take Glenrothes forward because like I said at the start of this season neither of the “we can con Pete” in this league, duo have the tactical noose.
  2. How not ? Sean got as much money to spend at Cupar as Dick has at East Fife
  3. Significantly higher than the vast majority.
  4. Glens 2 Sauchie 3 Having won the reverse fixture 7-2 messers Smith, Kavanagh and Hutchison will have been licking their lips at facing the joint managers unlucky 11 once again. Especially as the visitors had lost all 3 of their fixtures played since that day at the end of October. With their opponents plagued with injuries this was yet another opportunity for the deluded 2 to achieve their goal of competing at this level. Unrealistic and unattainable but at least it’s a goal. Sauchie who were 3 up after 22mins the last time they met started well, the high press paying dividends as they raced into a 3 goal lead once again with a Brace from Smith, who then combined with Kavanagh, and last seasons premier league top scorer added the third. We’re we about to see a repeat of that 7 goal mauling? The referee soon put paid to that, showing an unwarranted red card to Hutchison who’d scored a brace in the first half last time. A Glens player lying on the ground appeared to take a swipe at the Sauchie number 3 and as he tried to avoid falling over there was a tangle of legs and nothing more. A very poor decision but another stroke of luck hapless Kev has been crying out for. Before the first half drew to a close there was another honest mistake from the man in black, awarding a penalty for a blatant dive by Blair Smart that Kyogo Furuhashi would have been proud of. Into the second half and we don’t know whether “me and John” asked them to “go out and enjoy themselves” or “try not to lose the second half” (due to them never doing managers reports when they lose) but they had the bulk of possession. Only last ditch defending and it’s got to be said very very poor finishing kept the score at 3-1 before a late strike hit the back of the net as the game drew to a close. Conclusion: even with all the luck in the world this pair still don’t have it in them to find a way of competing at this level.
  5. Haws 3 Glens 0 HOB too hot to handle It was pointed out to me midweek that the Glens now faced a run of 5 home games in their next 6 fixtures in the lead up to Christmas. Perhaps that wee bit of luck they’ve been crying out for. So where better to start than against fellow strugglers Hill of Beath Hawthorn. The deluded two had an induction to the managerial prowess of Moods and Clarky earlier in the season when they were knocked out of the Alex Jack cup by second division Newburgh so they will have been happy not to have lost the first half which finished goalless. Be interesting to hear what “me and John” had to say at half time this week. Much easier to not lose the second half when a team is 6-1 up and takes their foot off the gas. Whatever they decided to change up a bit this week was again to no avail as an electric Haws side ran out easy 3-0 winners. Compete at this level? Losing recently by 3 goals to bottom club Luncarty and now by another 3 to relegation rivals at home tells you everything you need to know about the managerial situation at Glenrothes. So much for the eye of the tiger.
  6. Well, hapless Kev didn’t disappoint with his deflection and denial comments after the 4-1 gubbing by bottom club Luncarty. So I knew the moment Ross Kavanagh bagged his third goal in the first quarter of the match, what the other half of this comedy duo would have to say in his turn to do the match report. Moaning about conceding soft goals, anything to deflect attention from himself. Presenting himself as someone more hard done by than simply outclassed by another vastly better, and smarter manager. Nothing in his comments surprised me in the least.The playbook at Glens is so predictable. Huge congratulations to him on winning the “we never lost the second half” cup. The 7-2 mauling from mid table Sauchie has cast a dark shadow over Warout and this hopeless pair know it. They are in dire trouble. Swept aside on Saturday as if they weren’t there. Only six points from eleven games is embarrassing. No amateur club would accept this and they badly need put out of their misery but as I’ve highlighted before they don’t have the balls to and it’s now the people who continue to hire them who are the laughing stock.
  7. Luncarty 4 we can con Pete 1 Before the season got underway I predicted, this squad weren’t good enough for this league and conceding six goals would be a regular occurrence. In my opinion the current managerial team were also out of their depth and in order for the Glens to progress they should do the honourable and resign. It appears for now that I underestimated the “back 3” 😂 as for the third game in a row they have only conceded 4 goals. However my opinion of the deluded two who repeatedly claim “we can compete at this level” hasn’t changed. Week after week all we hear is excuse after excuse. Players out injured, the referee,and my favourite “we just need that little bit of luck” They talked of having several players out injured and as luck would have it never had a fixture for three weeks. What more luck do they need? Can’t wait for this weeks excuse after losing heavily to bottom club Luncarty because the natives are getting restless.
  8. Hutchie Vale 4 Glenrothes 1 “No comment apart from the players are playing and trying really hard”
  9. Bluebell have been nowhere near their best recently so a great opportunity for the Glens to bounce back from last weeks humiliation at lowly Newburgh and show for once they are capable of competing at this level. A nervy start from the visitors saw the Glens take an early lead and after a fairly even first half amid some sloppy defending from both sides saw the home side lead 2-1 at half time courtesy of a fluke cross that nestled into the back of net. Into the second half and the Glens management team decided to change things around adding what they later described as “experience”. From here on in it was men against boys with the Bell running out easy 4-2 winners. Only positive I could see from a Glens point of view was the healthy crowd who chose to turn up and spend their couple of quid instead of going to the coop for a bridey and a juice. However that might all change soon….. Michael Beale thinks 50,000 booing and telling him to fook off because he’s clueless and his substitutions never make sense after being knocked out of one competition, then losing a league game at home to his fiercest rivals who aren’t at their best is bad, spare a thought for the Glens boss who couldn’t sleep on Saturday night and took to social media at half 2 on Sunday morning to tell one fan not to come back for his apparent negativity. Further proof if any is needed he’s out of his depth. Rather than just insults, calling anyone who has a different opinion negative or even toxic for being unhappy at the state of the team, let's hear why we should be positive instead.
  10. After a 5-0 battering and the concession of 7 at home to a poor Lochore preseason, Glens co managers John and Kev sent the team out to enjoy themselves in this seasons opener. Undeterred and quite possibly after another dose of the deludamol it was proclaimed in the managers report following yet another defeat that they could compete at this level. No surprise then that we’ve yet to hear from either of the pair after last nights 5-0 hammering at home to Jeanfield.
  11. The decision to ditch the illustrious chairman coupled with Johno’s disassociation with the habitual liar has finally paid dividends with the Glens finally gaining promotion. The hard work over the past few years paying off so credit where credits due to all involved. Winning the title was well within their grasp but only 2 points out of a possible 15 from the last 5 fixtures meant they had to settle for 4th place. Clearly the joint managers have taken Glenrothes FC 2019 as far as they can and if they have the club at heart (because the committee don’t have the balls ) will now announce their parting by mutual respect. Next season will bring a completely new challenge, far from the reach of the current squad(watched them 8 or 9 times over the second half of the season) and if 6/7/8 nil batterings are to be avoided then a complete overhaul is required.
  12. A tweet from a young man by the name of Zak Rainham at the weekend. I don’t know what is worse, his tweet or the 123 likes but what I’m certain about is that those condoning and defending the disgusting behaviour of dinosaurs like Iain Patrick all contribute to results like this.
  13. All those that like to wait 24 hours on the Chong copy and paste look away now. Haws 3 Rose 1 we’re red we’re white we’re fooking dynamite
  14. It's oh, so quiet, shh, shh It's oh, so still, shh, shh No more from Kojak shh, shh Or Teddy fae Bowhill
  15. I’m a family man and will do whatever it takes to prevent our kids from harm. If there is a kiddy fiddler in the community I will shout from the rooftops until everyone is aware of the dangers. Those very same parents in my opinion should also be made aware of any bigots, bullies, thieves etc involved in the day to day running of community clubs, when making decisions of who their children can and cannot be around. It is also my opinion that those whose actions hamper the attempts of any theses example are no better than each other. You obviously don’t agree and are entitled to your opinion. Enjoy logging in and looking at the results and tables copied and pasted from the East of Scotland website. You’ve waited almost 5 years for them you deserve it.
  16. Aye very good Pav, but you aren’t fooling me mate. This account been active since 2017 and you choose now to finally make a contribution? Jog on with your advice and your deflecting tactics.
  17. Bertie you are one of the better guys around here I know and you mean well but trust me mate I’m far from upset. Why should I remove myself? If you don’t like what I post don’t read it. Do you think Bertie Wooster removed himself because he was upset? The current gossip behind the scenes believe it or not is in actual fact Ian Patrick and Lochgelly Albert. As for talking about things happening on the pitch. Murray Carstairs left Dundonald and scored the only goal of the game on his debut for Bo’ness against RangersB side. Bluebell have been dragged into a relegation battle since Bibby returned and lost heavily after Rogerson was sent off against a p!sh Blackburn side who should never be in the Premier division in the first place. Nobody I know is talking about any of that. Cargs also left Dundonald recently and scored a debut goal for Neo Glens in a defeat to Oakley, in a match in which their captain took umbrage with the manager for playing with 3 at the back. Again not a single word has been muttered. Even the infamous Glens4life who has been the butt of many a joke due to his Thornton4abit, Kennoway4abit Kirkcaldy4abit Lochgelly4abit hasn’t even been mentioned on his return to Kirkcaldy4anitherbit
  18. Fair comment and your point would have been valid had I been referring to content being deleted that was posted by myself. However I think it’s perfectly clear in the op I was talking about the treatment of other users. What you fail to mention or perhaps are unaware of is that several others have been deleted, none of which contravene the forum rules. There is so much content all over this forum that breaches the rules, I’d be here all day pointing it out to you. So what other conclusion can I come to when a thread which was part of this community for years was firstly moved to the anything goes section and now been hidden altogether just because Go Daddy chose to refer to a certain group of people in a mocking way.
  19. If you’re talking to me, aye. Always around looking for some healthy debate. So I hope your literacy skills have improved, because the last time you butted in you ended up reading stuff that wasn’t there, just like the last clown I’ve been educating.
  20. Aye, very good mate only you haven’t called me out on anything because I never compared his hate filled and bigoted post to pedophilia. Go on read it again “And this forum going out of their way to protect them is no different from those that hide the paedos living among us in my opinion.”
  21. What Jimmy fails to grasp is that it is not libellous or slanderous for a person to repeat a truthful statement about someone, even if the statement may damage that persons reputation. There are specific laws about referencing someone else’s post or repeating it, which generally state that a re-poster is not considered the publisher or speaker of the original information. There are also different standards that apply if the person being posted about is considered a public figure as the law recognises that public figures put themselves in a position to be ridiculed.
  22. In a mocking way ? Behave yourself. Being critical of a certain group of people is fair enough but referring to them as “bead rattlers” is totally unacceptable. Even more so from someone in his position at the club. The SFA never wasted any time in punishing the St Mirren chairman for a similar offence. Had Lochgelly dealt with it appropriately they would have been commended for it and he wouldn’t have been hounded any further, but until such time as he faces similar action or either himself or the club print a full unequivocal statement and apology reiterating their stance on such terms it is never going to go away. Despite your or anyone else’s efforts on here to dress it up.
  23. Whatever floats your boat mate. Nothing wrong with them being posted here, rather than wait 24 hours I prefer to view them on the official website. There isn’t many people like yourself who would go out and buy the Sunday Mail on a Monday afternoon. My point was, it’s all that’s been posted in the last month and is never going to return this forum to the level it was in the past. It is going to take more than that to restore confidence in any moderators here after the behaviour of Bawbag Brough, and I’m not talking about his talent of raking through players pockets in changing rooms looking for mobile phones either. I’m referring to the abuse of his position, namely his passion for revealing members identities and removal of those unknown to him in order to protect an official of oldco Glenrothes. I thought lessons had been learned and we’d moved on from that but clearly not. History is now repeating itself with the protection of yet another club official, namely Ian Patrick of Lochgelly Albert. Threads have been removed and members prevented from posting about his bigoted behaviour. I even learned only last week of a new poster who hadn’t mentioned Lochgelly or the bigot and claims he doesn’t even know where Purvis Park is, being removed. Apparently the guy who resides in Glasgow has a VPN on his computer for streaming live matches and was banned after only a handful of posts. Further proof if ever it was needed that “those on the end of this new software” are still more interested in the identity of who is posting than the misdemeanours of these disgusting officials we are letting our children and grandchildren mix with. Don’t know about you Pav but I don’t want my son anywhere near a man who is filled with such hatred, or a club who condones such behaviour. And this forum going out of their way to protect them is no different from those that hide the paedos living among us in my opinion.
  24. Go Daddy asked me to let you know he’s asking for you mate.
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