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  1. Have no fear lads, I’m hearing good news is in the pipeline.
  2. Looks like our resident Mr Knowall has finally given up guessing when we’ll be allowed back playing football and is now pretending to be a meteorologist. So when will this better weather that’s on its way arrive? Will it be soon, 29th March, or May/June/July ? That’s what I want to know.
  3. Don’t be daft Pete, stay positive pal the 29th March will be here soon.
  4. Don’t be daft. 29th March is the date you should be looking at . Why the First Minister never told us this is what I want to know.
  5. Ian we all want back as soon as possible pal and you’re spot on data will determine when. The problem is, even with the vaccine there is potential for that data to head in the opposite direction. Try telling that to Mr Knowall. If 5 professionals refuse to obey the rules what chance is there of fudds like him being trusted.
  6. Blah blah blah blah........ 29th March now is it? Aye you wish.
  7. Pedro you and I are polar opposites when it comes to beliefs but don’t let your staunchness cloud your judgement. Boris is nothing more than a lying cant. You’ve advocated for common sense to prevail from day one so are only contradicting yourself if as you believe Nicola will take a more cautious approach. Doesn’t bear thinking about the mess we’d be in if we were governed by a D-Ross linesman.
  8. Should never have started in my opinion, didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this virus was here to stay and there would be further spikes. What little window of opportunity there was only ever going to be should have been used to finish off last season. It was so obvious even to the most positive fudd starting another was only going to have the same result.
  9. You’ve been proven to be a liar over the edited post. You’ve been proven to be a fudd over claims 15 weeks ago ammie football will return soon, then April and now June/July /August despite calling someone daft for suggesting it could be August. You’ve been proven to be a bully who only joined to jump all over Pete’s posts making fun of him at every opportunity. Now having been unable to resist a dig about something you knew f@€* all about have proven to be wrong again. Not long now until the 5 months have passed to see if grassroots has survived and see what p!sh you are spouting then.
  10. Messaged a friend of mine who works as a GP down south about this last night and he’s just got back to me with this reply. “ Unlikely but not impossible. You will catch a cold when the Rhinovirus enters your nasal cavity in sufficient numbers to pass through your natural defences and enter cells at a pace that your immune system can’t overwhelm. At lower temperatures you are disadvantaged and the virus has an advantage. It’s not unusual to have a cough at a temperature of 16. The longer you are subjected to an air conditioned environment the cool air will cause the skin to lose moisture. Air con discharge can be 15 to 20F cooler than the car which makes it more likely you will catch a cold.”
  11. Pete posted somewhere that education was a necessity but football wasn’t and you disagreed. I’d search for the post but reckon I’d be wasting my time as everything else appears to be lost on you.
  12. No, none of his family caught the virus. It was an expression of what could potentially happen.
  13. There you are Fuddy in it’s entirety. Not just his granny but his mum, his boss and his son as well. That’s if he even has a kid or a job. Who am I to know eh?
  14. Care to remind us again who it was that claimed playing ammie football was more of a necessity than children’s education?
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