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  1. Glens number 2 wasn’t happy with this man antagonising his players last week.
  2. Bertie’s Bigots finally won a game yesterday. Well done lads.
  3. I’ll let the others make up their own mind whether this was yet another feeble attempt by you at trolling me, or if overnight you’ve got caught up with the hysteria from the gullible Glens family following a win on the opening day against the whipping boys of Scottish football and are now their number one fan. Nevertheless I decided to take a look for myself at this title chasing side (who but for refs antagonising their players would already be top) yesterday. Arrived nice and early due to the new track and trace procedures but the only social distancing I witnessed once inside the stadium was the “joint managers” on the touch line. The game itself for me can only be described as awful. Got to be the worst Glens team assembled ever ( and I have been following football for over 40 years) so will be interesting to hear your views on your new found love Bojan.
  4. As I said you’re not very bright . Want to try saying that again.
  5. For someone who’s ‘ a weird, lost soul’. I sure do seem to be living rent free in your head
  6. So suggesting that games played this month , next month or even the following month will in all likelihood end up as nothing more than the equivalent of friendlies now constitutes wanting football stopped You’re not doing too well at looking sharper than me, are you?
  7. Finally you got something right. As for the rest of your shit post, should have thought about that the first time round instead of trying to be a smart a$$. So stick your advice where the sun don’t shine. I’m not going to take any from someone who only sees what they want to see. I bet if your doctor said “you could have a stroke at any time” You’ll run around shouting “ the doctor said I should touch myself whenever I feel like it”
  8. As for your Griff comment, I’ll treat it with the contempt it deserves.
  9. I’d only had a quick scan over it myself earlier at work. Now I’ve had time to have a proper read believe that not only is Bojo prepared to sacrifice lives for the sake of the economy he’s also preparing his excuses. Just as he’s already passed the buck by passing the onus on individuals as to whether they continue to wear masks he’s now preparing to blame the experts by claiming nearly all them agree. I have it on good authority there are very many who don’t. What does it matter to anyone on here though as long as they get to play friendlies for a few months.
  10. The data I’ve seen relates to Scotland not England but the message is the same pal. Although 5 weeks is a helluva lot SOONer than I’ve been told to expect.
  11. Aye ok big man Got a funny feeling you’re going to regret that comment.
  12. Fixed that for you, unless you meant tube.
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