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  1. Oh great! This is actually nice! They are free for the first month. This is such a great deal especially if you just want to test the site out. It is also a good thing that they have listed all of the press and cons in the website. However, I hope this site is regulated and has license to operate. Well, I am just making sure. It is just too good to be true. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with trying this out. Thank you for this again! I will also send some similar to this site. Well, good luck!
  2. There are actually a lot of football betting websites. You just need to choose the one you are comfortable using. Most online sportsbooks do not only offer football. They also offer a lot of games that you will definitely enjoy. Have you tried placing your bets at Sportsbet.io? if you pay or cash out with crypto you gotta check out learncrypto for the basic knowledge base and know how of the subject..
  3. Meh. Could've had a better result but I guess it is what it is. Not particularly looking forward to what's next.
  4. I do tend to listen to lo-fi music when doing anything, even something as idle as table games. I just sometimes want to shut my brain off from time to time. It's like sleep except I'm not tired enough to actually shut my eyes but I'm not doing anything mentally staining, either. BUT I am a fan of green day and the 94 wood stock mud fight was one of my favorite gig of their's. basically they put punk up on the mainstream scene..
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