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  1. Bayview the Morra probably 2.00 ko.
  2. Heard Scotia won, and Congratulations to them getting to the Fife Cup Final 👍
  3. Cupar hearts v Greig park rangers Micheal Woods 2-30ko.
  4. Years ago, the Home teams used to put on the forum if the Games were off,Noticed the Muchty v Strath game cancelled 18/3/23,looks like the Majority of the games are going Ahead,The Guys that run the Leagues believe or not have other things to do,it’s not as if they’re on an Hourly Rate so it’s understandable,Hopefully the the Home/Away teams can get back to putting the Status of their Fixture back on the Forum.
  5. Weather not great on 18th,could be a few Fife Cup games Cancelled.
  6. Well done Leslie great Result 👍
  7. Looks like the New Season is Starting as the Old Season Finished.
  8. Can I ask mgm which committee has a what’s app group to discuss decisions and when was there ever a suggestion to have a top division with 6 teams.
  9. The Cooncil will be taking the Goalposts Doon Soon,and the Changing Rooms will still be Closed,Aye as I said Earlier Forget 20/21.
  10. Forget this season,it’s Finished (never really started)Hopefully next Season can only Be Better,Maybe.
  11. Hope you and the Mrs are ok Pal ,take care Hopefully all this Sh@t will be Better Soon and we can all enjoy the Fitbaw and a Pint and the Banter Ootside Again.
  12. Think your Correct Pete,this season’s Finished,Better safe than Sorry.
  13. Cooncil parks could be a problem,they’re Usually not in play from May till August.
  14. Great Idea but try and convince the Safa.
  15. Pedro,We could have Games off Due to Weather,Then there’s this Virus which isnae going away anytime soon,You might be Lucky to Start playing Again in April,the Seasons looking Over before it’s got Started Unfortunately.
  16. It’s not a Case of If you get the COVID it’s More a Chance of When, You can do Everything By the Book and Still end up with the Virus.
  17. Cannae see many games Tomorrow,Weather Forecast is P**H.
  18. Nae need to worry about the Insurance the season might not start till next year,better the money in the Clubs Bank account than the Scottish Coffers.
  19. A widnae hud yir Brith aboot the 24th.
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