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  1. Anyone had their League Cup fixtures out?
  2. League meeting tomorrow so hopefully get an update regards fixtures then.
  3. Newburgh pulled out too. Also an issue with some teams saying they can't play midweek games so now looks like Saturdays only meaning only playing each other once. Seems things getting changed to suit the few.
  4. Fife Thistle have been back for 4 weeks but just two days a week as tough to keep it fresh with non contact
  5. It's an absolute farce. So on the 26th we can sit in a crowded restaurant but can't have contact sessions outdoors. Wonder if the SAFA are pushing the Scottish Government on it but doubt it as they have already taken clubs money this season so nothing to gain for them.
  6. League meeting tonight confirmed that subject to rules it's hoped the Jon Harrison Trophy matches will commence on the 1st May. Fingers crossed
  7. I wouldn't say it's essential to get some contact training prior to games as everyone would be in the same position so no advantages or disadvantages. Hopefully common sense prevails though and the date is brought forward.
  8. We're back next week. Looking forward to it.
  9. I would presume they are free to sign for other clubs as long as released and signed before the end of March.
  10. Presume YaCunt had a change of heart or his club did not heed his advice as I see they are in it.
  11. The protocols are a pain but I would stick my left bollock in a vice every Saturday if it meant getting a game of football. For those of a playing age the mental side of things much more prevalent than the virus. The risks are minimal on a football pitch especially when we were not allowed changing rooms. Probably a much lower risk than going to the supermarket. At the end of the day, no one is forced to play. Players, committee and management have an option to be involved or not but you have continually pushed for the season to be ended since it was started. Perhaps time to step aside.
  12. At least with the proposition put forward by the league those that are against playing can sit at home watching dross on tv and let the rest of us get on with playing football rather than trying to have football stopped for all.
  13. Get back playing and get on with lives before there is f*ck all worth living for.
  14. Why would teams need 3 weeks full training? Also like ourselves many teams have continued to train. Sooner we get back the better.
  15. Not allowed to under the tier 3 restrictions unfortunately which is a farce.
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