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  1. Rattray from Perth looking for opponents as their opposition pulled out too
  2. Berti

    Rosyth afc

    All the best Harry. Hopefully catch you soon.
  3. Away and boil your head you absolute muppet.
  4. Pete there are a few sides on the Dundee Saturday Morning page that were looking for a game if you check the Facebook page.
  5. Leven United 3 v 2 Fife Thistle
  6. Burntisland United 0 v 6 Balgonie Scotia
  7. Fife Thistle 1 v 1 Balgonie Scotia
  8. Let me know your email and I'll ping it across.
  9. Did you find it? If not I have the list sent to all clubs.
  10. Burntisland United 0 v 0 Fife Thistle
  11. We've had a couple BojanK Monday 17th Fife Thistle 4 v 0 Methilhill Strollers Wednesday 19th Fife Thistle 15 v 1 Tayside Fire Brigade
  12. Anyone had their League Cup fixtures out?
  13. League meeting tomorrow so hopefully get an update regards fixtures then.
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