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  1. Again, unfortunately I don’t get notified until the results are Emailed with the postponed fixtures highlighted.
  2. Unfortunately nothing can be placed on the website until it’s official, either sent in by club secretary or match secretary.
  3. Some of the posts here are written with no real idea of what’s going on. I also agree with last post. Can’t believe complaints about a good lad that’s just scored 4 goals for the select. I’m neutral and manage the select. The job would be impossible without the aid of four lads from different clubs & another neutral that put in some effort. Fact: since last season we have invited 98 players from 23 clubs. No reply from19 players with 11 stating they would not be involved. Think about the time involved with that. This doesn’t take into account games watched & all the rest. Finally, 2 players from each club were requested when we started the select, you could count on one hand how many replies I got. Quite happy to walk away if hands stuck up to take over!!
  4. wjc


    Will do. Thanks
  5. wjc


    It’s been frustrating!
  6. wjc


    For info, Kingdom of Fife AFA new website is now up and running though still some work to be done. http://kingdomoffifeafa.pitchero.com/
  7. Unfortunately the website does not allow to select the home side for the third fixture in the championship and division1. (It automatically picks a team as the home team). To overcome this, please note the venue, as this will show where the game will be played. Apologies for the confusion. The website will be changing next season.
  8. Never a minute. Always something to do.
  9. The Fife Cup Draw is on the website. Was drawn tonight.
  10. wjc

    New Teams

    The Executive accepted 3 teams with 1 ream to appear at next executive meeting. The executives decision to accept the clubs must be ratified at the AGM in June.
  11. In Case anyone has not been on the Kingdom of Fife AFA website lately, the select are playing the Caledonian AFA in the 2nd Round of The Inter League Trophy at New Central Park Kelty with a 2pm KO this Sunday, free entry. I'm sure the lads would appreciate a good support so get yourselves along and give plenty of encouragement.
  12. For starters, you are entitled to come on here and voice your comments and opinions within reason, however, name calling on any committee member who put in some amount of hours so that we can all enjoy the game we love is, in my opinion out of order and below the belt! I don't normally come on a public forum and comment on League business but would suggest you discuss with your club delegate who attended the meeting when the suggestions were put forward. Three times the question was asked regarding the League Cups etc There was no one against, so carried unanimously. If you read the email regarding the 35minute rule it categorically states this is only an option! Regarding the start of the season, please note that we put forward a motion at the AGM to start the season early. This was vetoed by our clubs on a vote!
  13. General meeting tonight at Warout. 7pm
  14. Jaz, I've listened over the years to you spout some utter rubbish on this forum, whether you are trying to wind up members as fun or not, however I will put you right on this one. The Kingdom League always finished their fixtures as I am sure the new Kingdom of Fife will also do. Leave all your animosity behind regarding the Kingdom League, its gone, and try and put some focus into something positive for the Kingdom of Fife. All the committee and all the clubs are trying to make this work well, why not try the same!!!!
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