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  1. Seems to be alot of teams struggling to even get players to play in this tourney
  2. What park are you playing from neeb
  3. Was always may 17th neeb where ye been min ... ffs
  4. Only allowed if testing was done .... scot govt dictate when contact starts no the sfa ffs min
  5. Its not sfa its scot govt guidelines ffs
  6. At last meeting secretary said he was looking at starting 1st may but got an email today to say pitch hire wont be available till 17th may at the earliest this will cut the games to play each other once instead of twice
  7. It will be voted on at agm might be another league .... might be 3 leagues of 14 play home and away 26 league games .. 2 up 2 down .. seems the simple but nothing is ever simple ..... Currently have 14 -12-12 so if enough new teams come in 14-14-14 or whatever the total is 1st division
  8. At lumphinnans we got called out twice for our subs leaving the pitch area and going away from side of park ... it was horrendous trying to stick to protocols on a game day and anyone who says they enjoyed it are liars Football is all about enjoyment .. banter.. going back for a bit hospitality not running about trying to keep protocols in place which in reality every club was breaking from car sharing to using changing rooms
  9. Once everyone has the vaccine then we can get on with our lives i have lost two close pals to covid know about another dozen who have had covid and are still bothered with there breathing and feeling lacklustre .... boys wanting to play through this were the problem it was spreading car sharing to games when it was banned teams using changing rooms when it was banned maybe if they stuck to the rules to start with it might not have been that bad but govt stepped in to stop it as protocols werent been adhered too
  10. And i gave a genuine answer youve been wanting to play football all through a pandemic with actually no thought over consequences of people catching covid unbelievable
  11. People would rather be safe than sorry you wanted to keep playing in a global pandemic ffs no one wanted football stopped .... people with a brain and respect wanted the right decision on staying safe ... maybe you should pop in to our nhs hospitals and see the work they do to try and save peoples lives rather than being a stupid kant and put up posts of absolute piss
  12. Leagues are over but looking to have a league cup section for teams that want to play in may/ june time on saturdays only random draw for group sections depending on who wants to play .
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