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  1. Harsh Durz, Harsh. i was always told i didnt have to run, cos that big idiot playing alongside will run for me........ Franny Legend!
  2. Thornton Top players- Ryan Houston (GK) / Bryan Whyte New signings- Donny Evans and Kenny Renwick Ambition at club- To win league Any other relevant info- There is a slope on the pitch which works well for the home team. Best post yet!
  3. why cant you just give credit to Scotia? went there and done the same last season, no shock to me!
  4. Sad,Sad news. Larry was a true gent, lived for his football and did loads for both the Kingdom League & Eastvale. he'll be truly missed by all involved in Fife Amateur football. hope the league honour him with the minutes silence / applause he deserves. my thoughts go out to his family at this time! Rest in Peace Larry.
  5. Pretty sure Gordon played for Raith in the UEFA cup against Akranes or Gotu Itrottarfelag away.....
  6. it is scotty and have never been called rob since playing in wales.best move i ever done at 29 years old was move to shippy scored loads all raspers (NONE OUTSIDE BOX)capped for my country thru playing for them.the couple of years managing them was a privelage and gave it my best shot,reached fife final with a team that were great to manage.... hi mate best player in fife past and present glad to have played with and aginst you (stud marks on your legs to prove it lol)shippy man through and through but now at kennoway and i know they get 100 per cent from u and u must compare them to the shippy team from the 1990 onwards ps what a game that would have been hope to see u soon and all the best to yous on sat shippy reached a scottish final jim and 4 fife finals at the time winning 3,that teams average age was about 32 and very much the finished article.kennoways average age must be about 23 and if they stick together they can surpass any fife teams achievement.my team between 2 would be wallace(kway).bremner (kway),mackie(bsy),brown(kway) capt,stonie(kway),mcilvean(bsy),horsburgh(bsy,)mcallister(kway),campbell(bsy),dr ummond (bsy),matthew(bsy&kway)).th at team would run amock in ammie football.would go for a 1-0 to shippy me nutmegging big bomber and scoring winner and collecting ma 20 quid lol A know uv played wi many great players mate but stu curran cant be overlooked, hes a ball player and loves a goal or 2!! ps rabbie im no daft i wouldnt let u put it thru ma legs, if a did it would be cause am ur son-in-law and wouldnt wana meet the parents How is Stu? last i heard his back was fecked?
  7. Great captain, Great Guy, Franny you'll be missed by all!
  8. Thanks to all the guys & gals that came to support us!!! the boys were all gutted at the end & in truth too knackered to do anything other than walk off into the dressing room.... general feeling is we wuz robbed by a dodgy decision, thought the guys were awsome all over the park today, i hope we can get to these heights again!!!!
  9. Can Kev use a PC?????? IF HE CAN AW THE BEST!!!
  10. Stuart Hall was immense yesterday, the 3 saves will be remembered for a long time to come, lets hope there is more memories to make!!!!!! Mon the Hibs!!!
  11. Hazbeen77


    Mon the Vale!!! LAMONT For Scotland.........
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