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  1. Didn't think you wanted football till all of this was gone
  2. Cupar vs Kelty off. Kelty can't get a team.
  3. Good luck to all teams. Does anyone know what happens if teams finish the section on same points and same goal difference??
  4. They can just put the fixtures out then if things change they just push it back
  5. Definately. Been a long time out the game. Be good to get back to the sponsors after games and fill their tills till all hours
  6. Everyones in the same boat but don't think it will be 18th. Teams could get a midweek bounce game in then go from 22nd.
  7. Games starting 22nd May or 29th??
  8. Cupar hearts havent applied for EOS.
  9. I imagine they might be thinking that if the tiers come back into place from the 26th we will be in tier 2 where contact sports can start.
  10. The league are supposed to be giving everyone a couple of weeks to play friendlies first so wouldn't start till June
  11. Might need to reduce the number of games in group sections to get our one played.
  12. yeah up to 15 ppl non contact.
  13. The league should release any players that are signed with the clubs who aren't playing. Easiest way to do it i reckon
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