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  1. Not played sundays in 5 + years, got asked to go and help windsor city out today, turned up an hour before...3 players there...no strips, few more boys eventually showed up at 10.50am lol , started the game with 9 men and no proper goalie which never helps, played with 9 up till half time, then another couple came to make the 11 up, game was already over in the first half. skelped 13-3 i think it was in the end, two assist if theres any consolation for myself and the biggest defeat I've ever played in, think thats the sunday boots hung up for good lol
  2. Played with balgonie scotia last season, manager left while i was away offshore at work and when i came back we had new manager and went from playing everygame i was home to no game time under new manager, im now working onshore at rosyth dockyard so wont be missing training or saturdays anymore therefore able to fully commit. Been told before season finished if i want to leave to find regular football i could. Left wing/ right wing
  3. Havnt played 11s for a year, last team i played with was steelend junior, looking to get back into it again, trouble is i work away for 3 weeks then home for 3, but if anyone is looking for a left winger in the kirkcaldy area or needing any players for the end of the season give me a msg. Im back from work this wednesday. Cheers.
  4. I played with steelend jumior last season but due to working away offshore now 3 and 3 rotation i couldnt keep that up, i had been playing with glenrothes strollers, got back wednesday trained thursday and didnt get a strip today, at least 5 who never trained did. Thats no how it works especially when there pish, far too clique So i asked to be released. I can commit to training twice a week and games on saturday on my three weeks off, i dont go back to work until the 28th. Anyone looking just give me a message. Cheers.
  5. Are Dundonald actually folding or was this just a heat of the moment thing.
  6. I Left Steelend Junior back in November due to work and havnt played saturdays since just the odd sunday game, looking to get back into saturdays this year, trouble is i work away three weeks then home for three weeks, Play left wing, from kirkcaldy. Back from the rigs next wednesday. Anyone needing players PM me cheers
  7. Not played since i left steelend in november because of work commitments, i am home for three weeks before im due back offshore, any team in the kirkcaldy area lookin for players give me a shout. Left winger.
  8. Dalgety Bay 2 - 1 Buckhaven Town Came on in the second half to set the first bay goal up, everyone fought hard what a result for having 9men! Eio eio
  9. Was playing for steelend upto month ago but due to new job being away for 3 weeks and home for 3 weeks, cant commit to travelling for training etc, just looking to playin sundays till end of the season as most ams teams wouldnt want someone whos only there for 3weeks out of 6 probably either Pm me cheers
  10. I work away 3 on 3 off at work now and heard whilst i was away John had been sacked, sorry to hear. Just like to thank John for giving me a shot at the juniors and wish him all the best in whatever his next role in football may be, i am also on the lookout as i hear the new management are from falkirk and want the lads to train in alloa...a bit far for a kirkcaldy boy to travel to,think alot of Johns squad are considering jacking it in aswel due to the travelling etcc... All the best John JC
  11. No played sundays for few year, been playin sats instead. From kirkcaldy, left winger. Pm me.
  12. Ive heard its kennoway just playng under the star name...
  13. Whats going on at star? third manager since last year when i was there.
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