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    No football till june 10th

    Seen on internet.........our league???? Greater Glasgow Premier AFL @GGPAFL · 21 May The League has agreed to reduce league fees for existing clubs to £100, not payable until the 31st December. We will also give every club £130 to cover SAFA affiliation fees and insurance, even if these fees are reduced by the SAFA, every club will still receive the full £130.
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    No football till june 10th

    I guarantee the money grabbers at the SAFA will do absolutely nothing regards fees, in fact I'd be surprised if they don't increase them to bail out their overspending. At least our association have the club's at heart.
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    No football till june 10th

    No mate, it’s more corrupt than Italian football! The amount of messages av had nobody is surprised tbh, but if everybody wants to make fife football better... we can vote at the AGM

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