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  1. After game hospitality

    Jesus that's a new one on me, but sad
  2. Results Saturday 5th

    In England it's the norm, nobody bitches or moans, the only rules regarding playing first team players in reserve is that only 3 can be named in the squad, they must have played a percentage of reserve team games to be eligible to play in certain cup ties and games after march to prevent influencing promotion/relegation. there is an enforced player registration with photo id which each official and club receives to stop players playing under assumed names. There is as expected no limit to reserve players being in first team squad. It works well in Buckinghamshire, and perhaps if some of these suggestions were voted on at league meetings there would be less moaning and more transparency. Its certainly not cheap to run one team never mind two
  3. Championship League Cup 2017/18

    Fife thistle on 7 points jim
  4. Results Tuesday 3rd

    I'm fine pal Lol
  5. Games on Sat 16th Dec

    Gents with the rain and reasonably mild night, who calls a game off a day early ?? There might be a lot of games off but at least wait until the day of game
  6. Games off Saturday 2nd

    Methilhill vs fife thistle was not a frozen park, the east fife bairns play at sandy at 10 am. I checked park myself, as I wanted to take family to Edinburgh if off. Was 7 degrees and soft as you like in both goalmouth. The park was perfect, pretty poor show