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  1. scholesy

    Shirt framing

    Thanks fancy dan. Typo! Now edited
  2. scholesy

    Shirt framing

    Guys I've recently started framing shirts and I can do it for £70 adult short and £60 kids. Look up my fb page BT Framze for more info. Cheers.
  3. Had a great day today taking part in the game today the legends team won 2-1 and it was a great catch up with the civil boys for moose and james harrisons testimonial. Good luck to grant bud n the rest of the boys in the coming season
  4. scholesy

    Results 21St Feb

    Who is running civil theses days
  5. scholesy


    What you doing footy wise mike
  6. scholesy

    Sad News

    Such a shame I mind when he refed me at under age football and that wasn't yesterday! Condolences to his family and friends
  7. scholesy

    Scottish Cup Sunday.

    Crystal barca v the craft (ayrshire) any knowledge?
  8. scholesy

    Scottish Opinion

    Long away tie!
  9. scholesy


    Btw I was interested like mist what the shout was but tbh I certainly didn't think it would be something like that! Just as well they weren't playing the crystal......
  10. scholesy


    Will he be available for Scottish next week?
  11. scholesy

    Results 9/8

    McBookie.Com South Division Crossgates Primrose 2 Blackburn United 3 Dunbar United 3 Harthill Royal 1 Livingston United 0 Falkirk 3 Pumpherston Juniors 3 Lochgelly Albert 3 Stoneyburn Juniors 0 Rosyth 2 West Calder United 2 Tranent Juniors 2 Whitburn Juniors 2 Haddington Athletic 4
  12. scholesy

    Kingdom Player Of The Year

    Why so bitter? Good luck corrie.now you know why I gave you a hard time a couple years ago lol play yer level all the best
  13. scholesy

    Wednesday Results

    Crystal 1-6 brucefield we were half a dozen boys short but fair play to brucefield they played some really good football and result not an injustice. Roll on next season......lol
  14. scholesy

    Council Pitches

    Here's the reality folks the government is fecked financially. Cuts have been made in public sector including the parks department. Look at the roadsides.grass overgrowing everywhere. People are leaving departments and aren't getting replaced. No business can cut staff and budgets and provide a standard of service expected by the public. It's no right but it's not fife councils fault. Maybe vote yes lol