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  1. Why was kennoway vrs dysart game called off?
  2. Sign for a team because you want to play football don't waste time and pick and choose when you want to play. Who would be a manager a tell you
  3. Boys just don't have same commitment as years gone by. I have 27boys signed and 17missing for Saturday's game. Don't let u know till the Tuesday before game half of them. Attitude stinks and pisses of those committed members of the team.
  4. Kelty 8-0 MethilHill Well played to the Kelty lads the only thing that anyone was playing for was Kelty top scorer and if it wasn't for our keeper could have been double. Not one to complain on here but when a result isnt sent in on time the results email has missing results with tbc next to names. Tonight' email not a mention of the game we HAD to play. A pointless game in a cup that the final was played last week (the final!!!). I got an email a week last Thursday 9:30pm to say we had a game on the Saturday that is not enough time boys want overtime at work, family, other commitments and can't wait for SOMEONE to make a decision on another game and give a team 24hrs notice they have a fixture it's appalling considering still have weeks till end of season. By the way got fined £50 as I spent first day of my holiday to get a squad to play Kelty in the league but failed to after trying all day instead of spending time with family. The same team that we played in a cup tonight that has already finished surely the game should have been the cup 2 weeks ago to make tonight a bit more worthwhile but who am I to make such an obvious choice. Big thanks to Kelty tonight who played the fixture as it should have been played we struggled to get 11 boys to Kelty and lost our captain at 2-0 and imploded after that. With 5 boys over 30 we were struggling with Kelty relentless pressure. One point though Bubs was an awesome ref tonight he got almost all decisions spot on ref was outstanding. And for everyone who slates the wee shite sometime to walk up to both teams at the end of the game and hand his fee back and said cheers boys but no charge thats a ref right there who is a football boy at heart also accommodated both teams as well. More like Bubs and this league would run alot better cheers wee man. Good luck Kelty Rant over lads.x
  5. Methilhill Strollers always looking to add to squad if interested
  6. 1st game in 4 years I have called off due to weather even last year had heater on goalmouths for leven game just to get it on. Working tokay so nothing to be done. Told boys first game was off due to frozen goalmouths.They made plans before the offer of a switch was made. I never moan about fixture congestion so being forced to change boy z would get the middle finger from me. If I hadn't already told my boys I would have changed pitch but not half an hour later when family's had made plans.
  7. More teams to follow i fear also.
  8. Still looking to add to our squad for the season ahead, pm me if your interested cheers Phill Methilhill Strollers AFC
  9. Think it shows that regardless of previous attempts to join and getting knocked back the FAFA teams still wanted it to go ahead to improve our league and fife football. Yes they could have held out for a more favourable split but common sense and the fact all teams said a new start on an even foot would be best.
  10. yes mariner this was the fafa proposal. after looking at the kingdom proposals also it seemed to be the overall view that this would be accepted from each side without very much resistance. meeting ended at 9:40pm fecking long night
  11. Methilhill aint safe either we have played more games. However the boys are under no illusions if we end up in bottom four its down to us not preforming. If we go down its because we weren't good enough to stay in the top division. The same argument will happen again next year if its put on hold. Lets just stop kidding ourselves and get it done and move on. There is nearly 5months till new season don't tell me things cant be achieved and done in time because it can. Just all about both committees working together to get it all in place then at the main egm those willing to stay put there name forward and we vote in a new committee for the new season.
  12. Everyone just needs to suck it up and get on with it. regardless of where anyone goes it will all balance out after 2 seasons. If ur meant to be in the top league your team will get there and same for poorer teams. ur never going to make everyone happy but its to improve fife football so lets just see what happens and accept it and move on.
  13. Sorry my mistake. only issues will be both sides agreeing how many go into the top league. The league should always be most important and playing midweek at beginning and end of season would free up a lot more fixture dates so you could have 16 top teams with 6 from the kingdom in the top league 3 into middle league. leaving the bottom league open to new teams. everything would even out after 1/2 seasons.
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