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  1. They are in Group C, alongside Burntisland United, Glenrothes Strollers, Kirkcaldy Blues and Lochgelly United, I believe.
  2. What happens to the EOS players who started the season at these clubs, for whatever reason aren't playing now and have been replaced by ammies? They'll probably filter back into ammies to it will probably even out to a degree. I can't see EOS carrying huge squads so one way or another their will be natural wastage from their squads.
  3. Foss

    Level 3

    If you were that concerned, why weren't you taking precautions at games like wearing masks etc? Didn't seem to worry you being around your supporters at games etc. Just saying like, I thought you'd be at the least wearing a mask or something if you were so worried?
  4. Foss

    Level 3

    Stocks in Andrex have gone through the roof today in Lumphinnans!
  5. Definitely Bobsy has quit. Spoke to him today and he said it's just not worth the aggro losing your Saturday when there's so many better things to do than put up with that level of conduct. Got to say, if what's been said is true, you can't blame him. Refereeing is a thankless task and you can't be everywhere and see everything all the time. But likewise, you make decisions based on what you see. He doesn't have VAR or any other second opinion to rely. And contrary to what the Leven players were saying to him, he's not biased or got Cupar on a coupon. Think people need to reign in their abuse and comments of officials a little or there would be no games. I appreciate a lot is heat of the moment, but there's no need to accuse an official of cheating.
  6. Kinross Colts 'A' 3 Auchtermuchty 0
  7. This has been switched from Auchtermuchty back to Kinross so it's now our home game. Could the webmaster of the League website do the honours please? Thank you.
  8. Basically with our website and the League one, they are linked. Because the League hadn't altered our game yesterday to be at Leven instead of Kinross, I had to make a temporary game on our website to do the game. Yesterday evening they created the correct fixture but with wrong score. To then get everything aligned, I am able to edit the score now on their 'official' entry (I couldn't create). Then I've had to re-enter what I created on the temp game I had to make to run the game yesterday to the official fixture for yesterday evening to enable in to link up. Which is why I was eager for them to correct our fixture for next week as an away game asap. Hope that all makes sense. The League website is, or can be, very usefully utilised if used and updated regularly and correctly - as well as helpful for clubs who may want to start their own team's website on Pitchero.
  9. I thought so, but I know the League bod views this forum so hoping he sees it. I've tried making contact directly through their website before and got no acknowledgement.
  10. Is there any chance you could correct the League website as this filters through to ours and is showing we are home rather than away please? Thank you.
  11. The League website has us losing 5-2 at Leven, in fact it was 5-1 (unless I missed another goal).
  12. Kinross Colts vs Leven United tomorrow has switched to Leven.
  13. 7th November - Kennoway Ams vs Kinross Colts 'A' OFF Now: Kinross Colts 'A' vs. Auchtermuchty Bellvue.
  14. I have to laugh in this Covid situation, he has for our home games this season had BOTH our teams at home at the same venue at the same time! Would surely make sense to have one home and one away right now with Covid? Nope...
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