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  1. All the best Harry, hope you and Rosyth will be back soon
  2. Where is the final being played,again nothing on the web page.
  3. It’s not there Berti,can l have a copy of that list please.
  4. Is there somewhere on the website that tells you where a teams home park is? l can't see anything.
  5. Good luck to all teams and stay safe.
  6. Henry McLeish(remember him)is asking all local authorities to keep the parks open over the summer,the local council will still have the final say....start lobbying now
  7. Sir Boss knows the people to talk to at the council
  8. If an official from your league speaks to the council............then maybe
  9. You've only got one pal anyway Jim
  10. That’s if the council will allow you to book parks during the summer,they haven’t in the past.
  11. Disappointed with the website yesterday as Foss says why can’t this be updated as soon as a game is postponed,this reflects badly on the league who should be trying to maximise attendances at the games that weren’t postponed.
  12. You'll not get parks in the summer
  13. Signing unattached players after March 31st seems like a good idea,it sure would help with end of season injuries and suspensions.
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