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  1. Fancy Dan

    Ko time

    Thanks Wattie,they should inform the league tho then the times could be posted
  2. Fancy Dan

    Ko time

    What time does the Styx game kick off?
  3. Fancy Dan

    Results Saturday 13th

    Tommy had forgotten that Kennoway had requested a free week on the 13th Phil
  4. Fancy Dan

    F.C. Bayside

    That’ll mean another team getting promoted from the 1st division l take it.
  5. Fancy Dan

    The Clanger is back Dysart v St Monans

    After Dysart have played next Saturday 28/4 we will have played 10games in 22days which for an amateur team is horrendous with players having work commitments,fatigue and injuries it’s a struggle,that’s a game every 2 days almost,if you asked professional players to do this they’d be straight onto their union rep yet it’s expected that amateur players who work and have families to do this.This was the result of playing the league cup in a home and away group section which in November might have seemed a good idea but after the winter weather wiped out fixtures surely the format should have been revised.When you are playing 4 games a week it doesn’t half take the fun out of the game it shouldn’t be a chore but sadly that’s what the season is becoming and to add insult to injury because it’s cup ties we’ve been playing we couldn’t even use trialists.l know if you’ve had a good run in the Scottish and the Fife(which we didn’t) you’d have to expect fixture congestion near the end of the season but this pile up of fixtures could have been avoided,very disappointing.
  6. Fancy Dan

    results april 1st 2018

    3-1 to Styx
  7. Fancy Dan

    Sat 17th Games off

    We couldn’t get hold of Tommy to organise another ref,at 11.15 we gave up,too late to give the St Monans team fair notice to travel if we did get a ref.
  8. Fancy Dan

    Sat 17th Games off

    Sr.Monans v Dysart is off,tried to reverse the fixture to Kirkcaldy but the ref wouldn’t travel☹️
  9. Fancy Dan


    Is it the same fixtures for this Saturday 10/3 Tommy?
  10. Fancy Dan

    League Cups

    You cant really moan about to many fixtures when you are playing on a Saturday and Sunday Mr Mc
  11. Fancy Dan

    Fife select team

    I wasn’t moaning.....just asking,my apologies for being interested.
  12. Fancy Dan

    Fife select team

    Is there anywhere to find out which clubs the players play for?
  13. Fancy Dan

    Shirt framing

    Is it not BT Framzes?
  14. Fancy Dan

    KFAFA RESULTS Saturday January 13

    Dysart 2 Burntisland 4 .....is it to much bother to state that this was after penalties after the game finished 0-0