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  1. sirboss

    Fixtures next week

    game getting changed m8 AM got a wedding your playing muchty for the 3rd time in 6 weeks .
  2. sirboss


    happened to us 2 years ago arranged everything for 2 ko then got told ko was one as there was another game on at 3 on same pitch team always ko at 1 for that reason. questioned Scottish and told that was ko time like it or lump it. also same ref did both games ours and the next one and he took same expenses for both games. was same as you pete if it was a replay then it would of been 10 ko fack them but alas lost. hope win but if draw bring them here at daft time bet you don't get away with it.
  3. any players who find themselves without a club now due to the folding of some clubs and are looking to keep playing, auchtermuchty bellvue are always looking for players who are committed and want to play. we have been to the top and down to the bottom but try to keep going through thick and thin, if interested contact myself on 07932380040
  4. sirboss

    Text from sfa

    no text either why not just give us text number to text with score what do we do bet west teams got texts
  5. sirboss

    Fife Cup Semi

    pitch is fine had ref inspection as precaution but no problems.
  6. sirboss

    Midweek games

    muchty kingdom game off
  7. sirboss

    Fixtures Saturday 31st March

    Auchtermuchty Bellvue hearts of beath off tried to get another 2 fixtures arranged but to no avail, not the fault of any teams I may add
  8. sirboss

    Midweek games

    this is not fixture secretary that's saying play 35 mins its every club that agreed to the league constitution which is all the clubs that's moaning now. it says if both teams agree, doesn't mean you got to agree to it. lay off the guy that's got hardest job in the league and even harder with the poor weather we just had.
  9. sirboss

    Sat 17th Games off

    ref shouldn't get another game shocking they the only ones that get paid as well. heard today also ref abandoned a under 16s game at h/t because he was to cold not that the teams were , asked for his money then went home , see if the refs association fix this out.
  10. sirboss

    KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday March 10

    they couldn't provide changing nothing to do with saving a tenner
  11. sirboss

    KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday March 10

    glenrothes strollers v Auchtermuchty on at Michael woods 3 pm ko £90 for 2 hrs and that's with no changing room. changing at strollers home and walking over if astro is on
  12. sirboss

    Beast of the East

  13. sirboss

    League Cups

    every club was asked at meeting last night about this and no one complained, so why are you complaining if your happy with it , surely nothing else to do if teams not happy let them speak up for themselves ps cheers for the compliment 'ya rocket' one of the best thing I been called
  14. sirboss

    League Cups

    god sake m8 some folk are never happy.are you not in amateur football to play games if you don't want to enter cup withdraw and leave the football to teams that want to play.
  15. sirboss

    Fife select team

    postcode lyndsay.