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  1. League Cups

    every club was asked at meeting last night about this and no one complained, so why are you complaining if your happy with it , surely nothing else to do if teams not happy let them speak up for themselves ps cheers for the compliment 'ya rocket' one of the best thing I been called
  2. League Cups

    god sake m8 some folk are never happy.are you not in amateur football to play games if you don't want to enter cup withdraw and leave the football to teams that want to play.
  3. Fife select team

    postcode lyndsay.
  4. Fife select team

    excuse me landel lass I take exception to that comment. the kingdom afa is a breath of fresh air to amateur football so is the select team. all I asked was it to be displayed even players picked in the squad didnt know who else was in the team thankfully you have let everyone know through the forum which I thank you for but no need for snide comments we are all in this for the benefit of fife football
  5. Fife select team

    squad is a secret so no one can discuss or question.?
  6. Friendly Rule?

    yes only fife and Scottish games don't allow it
  7. Games on Sat 16th Dec

    campus had already called the pitch off when this was posted but been informed by fossoway this morning that games is off.
  8. game switch

    muchty Bellvue v rosyth cupar astro tomorrow 2 ko.
  9. Games off Saturday 2nd

    absolute crap do players want to play on a Saturday work down to bare bones today got call at 11.00 saying pitch was in doubt asked rosyth to change game to muchty as pitch was perfect . said they would have to check with guys that were working as couldn't get to home game before 1pm didn't get call back but text saying 3 guys could only make rosyth for one where is muchty 5 hrs away f--k me so we said if pitch had a chance we would travel only to get there and it was brick hard with no chance off being on. muchty was perfect and another week without a game and we were down to bare bones but wanted to play its life now in ammie football that you very rarely get a full team next time we short will just call game off make some excuse what can be done shit man rant over ps seen great game at Kirkcaldy where ym 3 up and f--ked it up but letham top team pps liggy you got decent side there but subs drinking and not wanting to go on sums up ammie football now
  10. Results

    muchty 5 the Spartans 3. 3 nil up after 10 mins but the Spartans would not give in hard fought win in the end GREAT GAME WITH OUT JAZ.
  11. Scottish

    any body else not got Scottish team lines yet. how you supposed to contact team that's got to travel .shambles
  12. Scottish

    not got ours your right pete its a joke cants don't know what its like trying to arrange things for Scottish games worse when your away trying to get buses etc.teamlines should be sent out str8 after the draw
  13. forum

    cause people fed up of all your shit.